• How do I create my account and complete my profile?

    • Boomalang will email you an invitation to your school email address provided to Boomalang from your instructor. Clicking the link in this email prompts you to create a password and begin. (If you need the email resent, alert us at support@boomalang.co.)

    • Additionally, support is available by clicking the orange chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the website, where someone will respond as quickly as possible.

    • Once your password is set, you will be prompted to complete your profile, which includes choosing a username, selecting your target language, and answering other questions about your location and interests. Be thoughtful about what you include here--more specific answers can lead to more interesting conversation!

    • After completing your profile, click SAVE. If you wish, you may also add a profile photo by clicking the PHOTO tab. Now every time you want to log on to Boomalang, you can simply type app.boomalang.co into your web browser. (Visiting Boomalang.co and clicking LOG-IN also works.) If you ever wish to edit your profile or photo, you can click the navigation tool in the top right corner, then click MY PROFILE.

  • How do I purchase/redeem credits?

    • If your school has paid for your access, simply clicking COMMUNITY takes you home, where you’ll see Boomalang’s team of millennial native speakers.

    • Anytime you cannot enter the Boomalang community (i.e. clicking COMMUNITY), you are directed to the PAYMENT tab, where you click to purchase credits via credit card OR if you have already purchased via your school’s student store, you may enter your access code where prompted in the PAYMENT tab to redeem your credits.

    • If you’re interested in additional (single) credits, you may click the bottom “Pay $8 (= 1 credit) by Credit Card” button anytime. (Or you may purchase extra packages.)


  • How do I schedule conversations?

    • In the COMMUNITY, you see Boomalang’s team of millennial native speakers. Clicking on their profiles allows you to read about their interests. When you identify someone with whom you’d like to schedule a conversation, you can click “Schedule time with me” and follow the prompts to schedule a 15-min. (1-credit) or 30-min. (2-credit) conversation. You'll notice that the quickest you can schedule a time with a speaker is 12 hours in advance.

    • Typically your instructor informs you whether you need to have 15-min. or 30-min. conversations.

    • Once you have completed the conversation form, you will receive a confirmation email. You don’t need to do anything else to reserve the appointment, but if you’d like to add the conversation meeting to your personal calendar, the email will allow you to do so easily.

    • Worried about time zones? Don’t be… When you choose a time on the speaker’s calendars, all of the times are being presented in the time zone that corresponds to your computer when you reserve the time.

  • May I cancel or reschedule a conversation?

    • Yes, but it must be at least 12 hours prior to the start of the scheduled time. Otherwise, you will be charged credit(s). Canceling/rescheduling within the 12-hour rule will be recognized as there is a timestamp on your action. To do this, simply visit the confirmation email you received after making your conversation reservation. There are CANCEL and RESCHEDULE buttons in the bottom of this email.

    • Rarely, your Boomalang conversation partner will need to reschedule; the same 12-hour rule applies for them. You will receive the cancellation notice via email and will be refunded the credit(s).

    • Even more rare, a Boomalang conversation partner might not be able to show up due to a loss of electricity in their town or other emergency. Typically in these instances, another Boomalang conversation partner will take over to help out.


  • What are the system requirements for my computer/Internet?

    • Using Boomalang only requires a computer with Google Chrome or Firefox browser, web camera and microphone.

    • We recommend only keeping your one Boomalang tab open, shutting down all other applications to increase the chances of having great connection speeds.

    • Additionally, at least 1Mbps Download and 1Mbps Upload speeds are critical.

    • Before your first conversation, as we repeat in emails to you, it is very important to make sure you have the latest version of your browser and you must restart your computer. This can prevent issues like not being able to see/hear your partner, and visa versa.


    • If you’d like to check your setup before engaging in a conversation (which we highly recommend), you may request a test call by speaking with our support team--click the orange chat bubble in the bottom right corner and someone will be with you as soon as possible. The best time for quickest replies are weekdays, 9-11am EST.

  • May I use Boomalang on my smartphone or iPad/tablet?

    • No.

  • How can I make the most out of my conversation?

    • When booking a conversation, you’ll notice the question, "Is there anything specific that you would like to discuss?" Take advantage of this and include a hobby, current event, or anything that taps into YOUR interests. Making language and culture learning contextual to you is the best way to learn.
    • Additionally, your teacher might take advantage of the top box (called "Discussion Topics") that you’ll see on-screen during your conversation. This can also be a guide for part of your 15-min. or 30-min. conversation.
    • Otherwise, take a deep breath and enjoy meeting people from different countries and cultures! This is your chance to apply classroom lessons in an authentic way that is meant to be challenging but more importantly, rewarding and fun. Prepare a few questions or topics that you want to discuss, and embrace taking risks with the language from the comfort of your computer. Your Boomalang conversation partner is an expert at helping you when you get stuck.
    • Finally, many have found this student reflection video this student reflection video to be helpful, so we wanted to share.

  • How/When do I log in and how do I connect with my partner?

    • As a reminder, we advise you to have a test call one day in advance of your first conversation.
    • We then recommend logging in and visiting the COMMUNITY 5-10 minutes before your scheduled conversation. Your Boomalang conversation partner will send you a call request when it’s time to connect (you will see it and hear a ringing sound), and when you click “Accept,” your webcam and microphone should be enabled, following the prompts.
    • If you do not receive a call request when it’s time to connect, please refresh your page and wait a few more seconds. If it persists, please contact Boomalang via the orange chat bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen.
    • If you are more than 10 minutes late, you Boomalang conversation partner does not have to wait for you any longer--you will be marked absent and charged for your credit(s). To end a call, simply close the tab, or click COMMUNITY. Your call is automatically documented at that point, whereby you and your instructor can access, as explained in more detail below.

  • My connection is bad--I can’t hear or see my partner, or visa versa. What now?

    • Try refreshing your page. Also, make sure you’re in an area with strong Internet connection and high bandwidth (i.e. Your friend isn’t streaming Netflix next to you…)
    • Persists? Try restarting your computer. Additionally, you can message the support team anytime by clicking the orange chat bubble in the bottom right corner.
    • We also highly recommend using headphones during your conversation.

  • How can I make sure my conversations being recorded? Can I listen to them?

    • The audio is automcatically recorded, accessible to you and your instructor.
    • You may listen to them by visiting the CONVERSATIONS tab in MY PROFILE.


  • Can I get a refund if I didn’t have a great experience?

    • Absolutely, but we ask that you please take 30 seconds to explain why. We’re always looking for ways to make the experience as enjoyable and productive as possible for you.
    • Please send an email to support@boomalang.co explaining your issue and we’ll address it as soon as possible.


  • Do I have to complete this survey that I was emailed?

    • After a completed call, you will receive an email with a link to a short question Google survey. This is optional, but we strongly encourage you to complete the 3 questions--this helps us improve the experience and offers key feedback. We love the anonymous help!


  • We always encourage you to contact Boomalang with any doubts before asking your instructor. We're here to help, and 99% of the time can address your concern quickly, helping you and relieving your educator.

    • Also, don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram! The team shares fun tips and stories, and you can get to know the speakers and their culture a little more.